About Geniecampus


We understand the significance of schools and hospitals to build a great nation. Digital India campaign, our past experiences and present situation directed us to work in these sectors to develop web applications to streamline the management issues of hospitals and schools. Digitalisation establishes workflow, centralizes communication, reduce the cost and errors, decrease staff involvement, and leads to stake holder satisfaction.

With the most structured record management system, Geniecampus works dedicatedly to provide the best software solutions for the education & health industries and helps institutions maintain their competitive edge with their counterparts in the market. Our mission is to provide managements a very comprehensive, easy to use and most cost-effective solutions. For the ease of working, our management software provides a consolidated solution to the issues that arise while organizing the systems.

Our Team


· Geniecampus.com is managed by Teach For India alumnus who exposed to multiple departments of educational institutions.

· School management software is designed in such a way that any smartphone user can access the data with ease. Along with our local support, we are constantly monitoring the industry and working with our customers to drive the functionality of our software.

· We are committed to exceeding your expectations and we understand that the software you buy today needs to last for decades, and grow and adapt with your school’s changing needs and requirements.

· We follow strict change management and control every release of each new enhancement. Our implementation and support teams are very well connected with all our customers, they keep all customers very well informed about our new features and enhancement to existing features in our releases.

· We believe in training our customers and it lowers the support calls that we receive. We value each of our customers irrespective of their size and revenue.

· We have enough experience in the industry and our functional consultants and support agents understand the needs of every customer, We completely understand the academic year life in educational institution, our support agents provide quick support to our customers resolving any data or software related issues during grading periods so that schools can print their reports cards to distribute to students on time without any delays.

· In fact, student record keeping software has become the need of the hour for both teachers as well as the parents. Our motive is to first satisfy existing customers with our products and support and then go after new customers.

· We go an extra mile to keep the customer satisfaction rate higher because we believe that a good reference from our existing customers is the only key to add new customers to the list.

· As today majority of the record keeping has become online, Geniecampus comes up with its rich campus management system website that can help all sectors of the education industry to shape up the system.